Time to dust off the sewing machine, overlocker, fabric stash….and this blog. So many ideas in my head, and it’s time to share!

Having said that, I’m off to work!

I’ll be back, soon. I promise.


I’ve been AWOL, sorry about that. I’ve had this really old drawn out cold, with my tonsils deciding that one day they’d be inflamed, & the next day not. Weird. Anyways, I’ve been in this strange daze this last week, with little or no enthusiasm for anything really. No sewing, no knitting, no reading. Boring? Yeppers. I finally made it back to the sewing machine today, and realized how much I missed my sewing cupboard and making stuff. It truly is my way to cope with my mild PTSD/stress/depression/anxiety thing I’ve got going on. I seem to sink into myself and shut off when I’m not creating anything. Now I just need to channel my creativity into making a Vegie garden. But that’s a whole other issue. I think I’ve also realized how much time I waste when I “sink” but it’s one thing to know I’m in that hole, it’s another thing to drag myself out, I think I just have to ride the roller coaster and wait for the crap ride to finish. Blah :(
So today I made it back to the machine. I’ve had this dress cut out for a bit, in fact Leela has been using it as a sleeping bag. Which us a problem seeing its black. ;p
It’s Butterick B5211. I’ve made it a few times (4) before. I think it’s a great pattern for quilting cottons. Enough weight to hang nice, it’s warm enough for this freezing winter. I love to layer this dress with long sleeved tee shirts and leggings/tights. In summer I think they’ll look really good with leggings, & no top underneath. For now though, I need to figure out jewelry & what to wear over it, dark denim jacket, light denim jacket, or black or red cardi??? And I need a scarf! Lol :)
So, I’m back sewing! Yeah! I got a lot in line, but tomorrow I’ve got another spindle top to finish, and an op-shop denim skirt to adjust.

McCalls M6354

I think I’m addicted to this pattern. This is now the 5th dress version I’ve made, and I have possibly two more stash fabric ones in the queue . I was wondering how I would go with them in summer, as I really need to wear leggings/tights underneath and a t-shirt or singlet, but I think they’ll be fine with 3/4 leggings and singlet tops. It’s a good pattern for quilting cottons and only uses 2.5m for dress length. So if you can pick up fabric on sale, this dress can cost as little as $20. It uses bias binding for the facings, so you could make your own, but seeing it’s the 1/2″ size binding, I find it’s far too fiddly, and just buy the nearest colour pre-packed. I couldn’t get the right navy blue for this one, and black looked odd, so I went for a red from the stash. I quite like it! You also need some elastic for the waist. That’s it. Pretty economical. And satisfying to  boot. Now to tackle the pile of WIP’s that require much concentration. Like my mossy skirt, the portfolio top, and the Schoolhouse Tunic muslin. I saw some cool dotted linen in Spotlight for that one…….but at $24 a metre, that’s another one I want to get right before I splurge…..
DSC01284 DSC01283 McCalls M6354

Macaron Mania

PJ and I might be attempting Thermomix macaroons….I’m already nervous!

The Thermomix Diaries

About 12 months ago on the wave of all the macaron hype, I decided to see what all the fuss was about.  Actually, to call it a wave is an understatement.  I’d liken it more to a macaron tsunami, with those petite biscuits flooding pinterest, blogs, magazines and a few of my favourite cooking programs.  I was flicking through a cookbook, Zumbo, and counted no less than 23 different flavours ranging from the ubiquitous salted caramel to a salt and vinegar flavoured macaron.  I’m fairly adventurous, but I’m still struggling to imagine that flavour mix incorporated into a sweet biscuit.

My youngest son who is my fussiest eater but also my most adventurous cook asked more than a few times if we could make the salted caramel macarons together.  I like to let my children take a hands on role in the kitchen and I wasn’t sure that my…

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indigo scales Spindle

indigo scales Spindle by Raches
indigo scales Spindle, a photo by Raches on Flickr.

Another Spindle. I found this fabric in my stash, and decided that it would be really good for another Spindle. It was only 2metres, and I have no recollection of why or when I purchased it, but I think I’m in love with it!
I’m really enjoying shopping the stash, and I seem to have a massive amount of 1.5m, 2m, and 3m lengths of quilting cottons. I think because when I was going through a Simplicity 3835 kick, I only needed 1.5m, and I brought heaps of fabric. The Cute Skirts pattern from Favorite Things uses 2m, and I was always buying fabroc for that, and the Butterick B5211 of which I’ve made 5, only uses 3m. I’ve retired the Simplicity pattern, I’ve got so many, and at the moment, the ones I’ve made are a bit tight, and I think I need a change of woven tee-shirt anyways. I’ve got enough Cute Skirts, so until I find some awesome fabric, I think i’ll pop that one back in the pattern box too. I just cut out a new Butterick dress, in a black with red dots cotton. So I don’t need to buy anymore quilting cotton for clothing, but I’d love to try some double gauze, and some Nano Iro…..and win the lotto…..

Via Flickr:
Ottobre (2/2009) Spindle Sundress, 1.8m random stash cotton. I think this one’s my favourite now!